BTC, Comminution Lines

The Biomass Technology Centre has unique abilities for comminution of bio-based, recycled, and waste materials. Pilot scale equipment consists of a slow-rotating shredder (screen size: 15 or 30mm) and a hammer mill (screen size: 2-8 mm) which can be utilized to produce several tons of chips, chops, and/or powder. This process line tolerates feedstock moisture contents up to 20-30%. On-site drying of moister materials can sometimes be offered. Wood chipping can be performed with an electric chipper (5-12 mm chip length). Our laboratory comminution equipment (kg/h) consists of two types of cutting mills and a hammer mill. They can be utilized for milling of smaller material amounts (100 g – 50 kg). Samples can, if needed be dried on-site before milling.

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