BTC, Biomass Technology Center

BTC is a research pilot plant designed for refining of solid biomass and industrial biobased by-products. We work with a wide range of technologies along the upgrading chain where biomass or side-products are transformed into industrial biobased feedstock. We have 18 years of experience in pilot scale research, development, and innovation. Our infrastructure is designed for handling and storage of large quantities of materials. We can perform reliable and representative sampling and prepare specific assortments through fractioning, sieving, milling, briquetting, and pelletizing. DRYING - For many industries, drying is a necessary and expensive process and BTC is equipped with several different drying techniques, utilized both in research and for material preparation. COMMINUTION AND FRACTIONING - The material preparation chain at BTC can transform whole logs, bales, or truck loads of raw materials to well-defined chips, chops, or powder in one or several fractioning. COMPACTION TO PELLETS AND BRIQUETTES - At BTC we have advanced systems for performing experimental research designs for production of pellets and briquettes from a wide range of feedstock, feedstock mixes and additive blends. THERMAL TREATMENT AND CONVERSION - BTC has a thermal conversion laboratory in which thermal treatments can be performed and combustion characteristics of pellets can be studied.