EPV Windpower

EPV Windpower Ltd is a pioneer in industrial-scale wind power in Finland. It was established in 2007 to prepare wind power projects especially in the Ostrobothnia region. It is fully owned by EPV Energy Ltd. EPV Windpower operates three completed wind farms built by the company: The wind farm in Torkkola, Vaasa (16 power plants with an output of 3.3 MW); the wind farm in Santavuori, Ilmajoki (17 power plants with an output of 3.3 MW) and the wind farm in Metsälä, Kristiinankaupunki (34 power plants with an output of 3.45 MW). In addition, EPV Windpower holds a considerable number of legally valid building permits and the company is currently waiting to learn about the forthcoming subsidy scheme before making any decisions about them.