Fintos is the reliable partner to choose for hydraulics, pneumatics, liquid cooling, and high-pressure hydraulics in both the manufacturing industry and energy sector. The expertise, processes, modes of operation, customer relationships and agency and supplier networks that Fintos has built since 2008 give the company a special ability to serve industry players as agreed in a complete and efficient manner. Founded 2008 Employees in Finland 8 Turnover and Year 2.05 MEUR (2022) Street Address Rinnakkaistie 19 ZIP Code 65350 City Vaasa Suitable Visit Period January, February, March, April, May, June, August, September, October, November, December Visit Content Presentation in a meeting room Visit Language Finnish, English We offer: DESIGN AND ASSEMBLY Customized Equipment and Short-Run Production Tools and equipment for hydraulic and pneumatic solutions designed, manufactured or assembled according to customer needs. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT SPURTS Fintos Sprint We develop solutions to meet the industry’s requirements for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and tools. Our projects are managed efficiently from start to finish together with our customer. A polished product development and testing process as well as a prototype workshop ensure projects progress quickly and in compliance with requirements and objectives. The result is a working prototype or other output as desired. PROCUREMENT AND IMPORT Brokering Service Easy procurement of pneumatic and hydraulic components and products per project, or more broadly according to production needs. SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE Maintenance, repair and testing of pneumatic, hydraulic and liquid cooling systems as well as high-pressure hydraulic solutions. TRAINING The ABC of Safety and Efficiency Improved machinery and occupational safety and efficiency through hydraulic and pneumatic condition assessment and personnel competence development. We are looking for Direct customers and partners. BUSINESS SECTORS: CONSULTING AND SERVICES EDUCATION AND RESEARCH ENGINEERING PILOTS (DEMO) R & D PLATFORMS SUPPLIER TEST FACILITIES EDUCATION GAS ENERGY TECHNOLOGY FUTURE (TECHNOLOGY) SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT