Movebybike Umeå

MOVEBYBiKE is a nationwide bicycle courier service with outlets in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Uppsala, Lund, Umeå and Copenhagen. Our robust, electrically assisted trikes carry up to 300 kilos and hold up to 1.5 m3. We work year-round - snow, rain or shine – providing carbon free, quiet, city smart transportation and delivery solutions for environmentally conscious individuals and organisations. MOVEBYBiKE is not only 100% ecological, we are also cheaper and often faster than cars, vans and trucks, making us Sweden’s greenest courier service. MOVEBYBiKE also has a large, youthful and environmentally conscious social media audience - with over 5300 followers on Facebook and 1400 on Twitter – where we regularly feature our customers.