Olofsdal is located north of the University and hospital area. Its closeness to recreational areas located around Nysdalasjön at Mariehemsängarana and Stadsliden, makes this area attractive. The distance to the University of Umeå is just over 1 km and the area has good public transport connections. Olofsdal consists of both municipal land and area that is now jointly owned by PEAB and HSB. The municipal land, Olofsdal 2, has around 500 homes. Follow the link to the right to see the planning program of the area. Even though most of Olofsdal will consist of housing, a hybrid city has been planned. This means that attractive housing will create conditions for commercial activities in the area. The land and development has been applied for in the local plan and development can start as soon as the plan is finalised. The preliminary purpose of the local plan is to create conditions mainly for residential homes, but also to provide opportunities to meet the need for pre-school facilities and senior housing. The project will consist of several stages.