Örnsköldsvik Municipality

Örnsköldsvik is characterised by entrepreneurship, and here you can find a huge commitment and willingness to develop. Örnsköldsvik Municipality is the municipality’s largest employer. Roughly 5,000 employees working in municipal administration and companies, see to that the 55,000 inhabitants receive good public services. Water, sewage, waste collection, environment and nature protection, health and social care, education, culture and leisure activities are some examples of the municipality’s area of business. The real estate department’s goal is to provide suitable premises for various municipal activities, which enables them to conduct efficient and high quality business, which in turn provides increased benefits for citizens. The department has a primary responsibility of planning, managing and implementing investment projects and managing the planned maintenance of the properties. Major construction projects are regularly ongoing in schools, elderly care, leisure and cultural facilities, etc. We are constantly working to develop our facilities and buildings for long-term durability.