Österberg Group

The Österberg Group consists of Österberg Ltd, Österberg Baltic Oü (Estonia), Wel-Mach Ltd, Petsmo Products Ltd, Manor Ltd, KGN Tool Ltd, Hepmet Oü (Estonia) and Shanghai Petsmo Trading Co, Ltd (China). Österberg Ltd. specializes in the injection molding of technically advanced plastic components from different thermoplastics and thermosets. Wel-Mach Ltd. is a metal company that specializes in subcontracting for multinational companies. We offer our customers; machining, welding and assembling. Manor Ltd. is a metal engineering workshop that specializes in the manufacturing of pipe duct products and steel structures. KGN Tool Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing of various service tools, toolsets, special machined components and assembling part-assemblies. Petsmo Products Ltd. is a diversified manufacturer of special machinery.