RISE, Measurement Technique and Drying

At the laboratory in Skellefteå, RISE offers a variety of techniques for measuring and imaging objects during long-haul transport. We have access to carriers, different camera systems and illumination sources for laser light and white, ultraviolet and infrared lighting. We also develop customized systems for different types of industrial measurement applications, even under difficult measurement conditions. Today, our systems are widely used in the sawmill industry, for example, estimation of fiber angles, core share, quality, bark appearance, dimensions and form errors. We also develop and evaluate new control methods, process climate or heat recovery strategies in wood drying using our lab dryer and our many years of experience in measurement technology and wood drying. Through close collaboration with LTU in Skellefteå, we also offer CT scanning and analysis of X-ray images for the characterization of materials and objects. By using a climate chamber directly adjacent to the scanner, this can be done in a climate of up to 250 ° C and 100% relative humidity.

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