RISE Test Facilities in Skellefteå

RISE is a merger of Innventia, SP and Swedish ICT, which have joined in RISE to become a stronger research and innovation partner for business and society. As a strong, independent research institute, we offer a wide range of excellence, research and innovation services and cross-border business areas for SMEs, industry, academia and the public sector. At RISE, we have over 2 200 coworkers who refine good ideas for a better society, which together create a head start. For example, by developing and testing new solutions in one of our 100 test beds and demonstration centers, spread across the country. RISE transforms the latest research into new products, technologies, processes and services. In addition, RISE also issues certifications and verifications. RISE in Skellefteå certify management systems for quality, environment, work environment, sustainability and industry-specific requirements within management certification, P-marking of windows, CR020 and P-marking for components, CR022. For our services, see the following pages.