Södra Ön

We will create an area for Umeå’s growing businesses. Situated between Umeå Airport and the shopping centre Strömpilen, close to the hospital and university area with good transport connections. The new business area will be on Södra Ön, and according to the plans, may cover up to 50,000 square meters of area. The purpose of the local plan is to create conditions and space for businesses – mainly offices, small industries and handicrafts, as well as a hotel and a visitor’s centre. The plan also includes Kolbäckvägen which is adjacent to the island. Södra Ön is the final phase of the local plan and should be up and running within a year, maybe earlier. Land allocation for Södra Ön will be chosen with a comparative method. Register your interest with the contact people and they will send you more information nearer the time.