University Campus and Lilljansberget

UmeƄ municipality has prepared a draft plan for the program for Lilljansberget and part of the University campus area. The purpose of the plan is to explore the possibilities of developing Lilljansberget and part of the campus area into a residential area with mixed content, public spaces and parks. Primarily, the buildings will include residential homes, but also facilities for activities, buildings for the university's needs, and business and services. An important factor is to make the area easily readable with good orientability by providing a block structure, and to build on the existing road to ensure the required parking. The program aims to preserve and highlight the nature of Lilljansskogen and the local environment, and to enable outdoor recreation. The program will also ensure an ecological distribution corridor between Stadsliden and Nydala and provide guidelines for storm water management in the program area. The city council approved the plan program on 2016-06-20 for Lilljanberget and part of the campus area.