Vaasa Trotting Track Area

In 2014 the city of Vaasa arranged a public architect competition concerning the use of the land in the former Vaasa trotting-track area and the best architect plan was nominated the same year. The aim of the competition was to use all possibilities for the 16.7 hectares. As part of the Regional Growth Agreement 2016 – 2018 between the State and the City of Vaasa, a project for future’s energy efficient and innovative housing area is launched 1.9.2016. The main implementers are the City of Vaasa with University of Vaasa and Yrkeshögskolan Novia. The budget for the project is 300.000 euros. The main objective for the project is to promote the implementation of Vaasa’s Energy and Climate Strategy through improving energy efficiency, increasing use of renewable energy and new energy related services. The aim is to study, develop and create new business models and processes that are related to planning process, renewable energy systems and energy storage. The City of Vaasa aims to develop processes that supports innovations in land use planning, technical planning, allocation of land for constructions and construction of infrastructure.