Sweden is one of Europe’s bigger countries, situated in the north of Europe. The country mainly consists of forest, mountains, and lakes, with a population of 10 million.

Forestry, hydropower and iron ore was the foundation for the prosperity of the country which has grown with high-tech and biochemical industry. Today, Sweden is one of the top ten countries when it comes to education, life span, and standard of living. Sweden is a world leader in clean technologies and their applications with a wide experience and expertise in renewable energy, sustainable technologies and green vehicle technologies.

The region Västerbotten/Örnsköldsvik is located in the north of Sweden and is big on natural resources such as forest and water. Västerbotten and Örnsköldsvik are productive regions with strong and diverse business sectors within i.e. energy, bioeconomy, sustainability, IT etc.  Entrepreneurship and innovations as well as research and testbeds put the region in the forefront of development of clean technologies.

Swedish Cleantech companies