Ön, norra

The island has a unique location in the middle of the Umeå River, close to the centre of Umeå, Norrland University Hospital, Umeå University campus, the railway station, Umeå East, and is within biking distance to the airport. The location is close to the water and many public beaches. According to the plan of 2008, Norra Ön will be developed with up to 3000 new homes. The plan was adopted by the City Council and has now been finalised. The detailed plan has applied for land and development. Norra Ön is a serious and in some parts a complex development project, which means that the planning and development of infrastructure will take a few years. Initially, work focused on developing the necessary supporting materials, for example, nature inventories. Constructions of the apartment buildings will begin after 2019 and will last for at least 10-15 years.As well as dense residential environments, such as homes, water and gardens are represented in the plan of the island. The buildings that have been planned for Nörra Ön are mainly dominated by apartment buildings. All additional housing means more pedestrian, bicycle and car bridges need to be built which means large investments. The area will be connected to public transport. According to the plan, the new buildings will be resource efficient, with a priority of low power consumption. Taking into consideration the long implementation period, there should be open mindedness when it comes to the use of new technologies. In the southern part of the island, passing E4, the landscape consists of mosaic and diverse forests, cultural and agricultural landscape with fields and overgrown meadows. Green areas on the island offer a sense of untouched forest, views over the river, cultural history and diversity of animals in a tranquil setting near the city.