Umeå Universitetsstaden will be a test and a demonstration are for Smart-City solutions. The purpose is that transport – and energy solutions, will be linked with intelligent communication technology, so that the area will become smart and thus sustainable. A variety of solutions will be tested and evaluations, including smart management of offices and homes, optimisation and control of the energy systems, innovative planning tools, solar panels with battery storage, new types of integrated bus stops to reduce energy losses from electric buses, charging stations for electric vehicles, sensors for measuring traffic flows, etc. The work model will be further developed, so the market and its consumers can interact with each other and the citizens can be involved in innovation in the area. Umeå’s partnership consists of Umeå Municipality, Västerbotten County Council, UPAB, Umeå Energi, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, and Akademiska Hus. Besides Umeå, Glasgow and Rotterdam are also included in this projects, as well as 30 other European partners.